Sup, my name is Roz and this is my blog. I'm a 31 year old goth dude living in Rural Appalachia. I write a lot about trans issues on this blog since I find those are on my mind a lot -- and I often don't want to like, post my thoughts to tumblr where they can escape my circle and get misconstrued, especially since a lot of my posts are made while I'm emotionally distressed and no one is ever thinking 100% clearly when they're upsetand I might be pretty eloquent even when I'm upset but I don't wanna deal with the bad faith interpretations.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, I want to add a comments section again sometime but the disqus one seems pretty intent on breaking, for whatever reason so there isn't one right now. If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at rozariosanguinem@protonmail.com or rozario@rozen0rot.com