~+:. Morgan P. Kendrick .:+~ A rose by any other name... .:+~

Morgan Patience Kendrick

Morgan Kendrick is one of my oldest OCs -- one I've had for over ten years, her original incarnation being designed in late 2013. In her original incarnation, Morgan was the Queen of the Vampire court of North America and was the daughter of early colonists in Virginia in the late 1600s... A throughline for Morgan's story is her physical, religious and sexual abuse at the hands of her father, something that, in original versions of the character, lead to her loss of faith as an adult. She married a local pastor at the age of 18 and by the age of 25, had no surviving children. She was romanced by a vampire who came to the colony from France, who would be executed by the beginnings of "The Garnet Court" for the crime of creating a new vampire without the permission of the Garnet Court's king, Louis DeFantome.

Morgan was spared and allowed to take her Maker's place within the court, but experienced abuse and ostracization by the court for most of her un-life. She would, eventually, head a revolution, deposing King DeFantome, taking over the Garnet Court and attempting to "fix" the terrible behavior of the vampires she ruled...

Since then, Morgan has gone through a number of changes, the biggest occurring in 2018, when I decided I didn't want to continue to play someone in that position of power and responsibility -- and I was uncomfortable with my character being a part of the early colonization of the Americas. Morgan then became a Victorian housewife -- most of her backstory stayed, roughly, the same. Her Maker killed for the crime of creating her without the permission of the local ruling body, her father being an abusive POS, her faith in God being lost and etc., In 2018, I also played the first modern, mortal version of Morgan, which is the basis of her current incarnation. I just found that, as much as I loved her as a vampire, there was something far more satisfying about her as a human and watching her discover the supernatural world bit by bit.

Morgan is also the protagonist of my multi-media webseries, Nocturnal Creatures, which was previously a paranormal romance novel I had written a rough draft of. She's one of my absolute favorite characters of mine, one who I've put a lot of love and effort into -- and have played in multiple World of Darkness and Vampire: the Masquerade chronicles. I think that she's honestly one of my best characters.

Morgan's Current Incarnations...

Morgan is the eldest daughter of Robert and Mary-Anne Kendrick -- an aspiring preacher/politician and his wife from West Virginia. Growing up with five younger sisters, Morgan was forced into the caregiver role at a young age and due to her father's religious/political aspirations, she was also forced into the role of the Perfect Christian Daughter -- and chafed against both of these roles, unable to fit into them no matter how hard she tried.

Morgan is a hopeless romantic with dreams of finding The One (or maybe more than One?). She has precognition and postcognition, able to get glimpses of the future on ocassion and having regular dreams about her past lives and those who were involved in them.

She tries her best to be kind and do the right thing but she has a fiery temper beneath it all and can be downright cruel when the right circumstances arise. Morgan has mixed feelings about her religious upbringing and about God in general -- for the most part, she sees herself as an agnostic but still feels some attachment to the idea of God as she had been taught as a little kid.

Unbeknownst to Morgan, she isn't entirely human -- not only having faerie heritage far, far back in her family line but also being a faerie soul that's been reincarnated repeatedly into a human form after tragic events in her original life as a Summer Sidhe called Morhosyn. Because of this original life, she's also tied by the strings of Fate to several different people, one of which being a former lover turned enemy from that original life.

In her stories, Morgan pretty much always ends up becoming a vampire, though there have been times her Faerie nature has been re-awakened. Generally speaking, she ends up being some strange blend of the two things that probably shouldn't exist, but does somehow, anyway.

Bio & Fun Facts

Full Name: Morgan Patience Kendrick
Nicknames: Mor, Morg
Age: 25
Gender: Cis Woman
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Polyamorous Bisexual
Species: Human with dormant faerie heritage
Primary Universe: Nocturnal Creatures
Birthday: October 25th
Occupation: Day Barista at Eventide Coffee
Residence: Santa Marta, CA, United States


Best Memory: Moving into her grandmother's house at 18.
Worst Memory: Seeing her aunt Vivianne die in a roll-over car crash and waking up in the hospital after; when she had to be rushed out of class in Sophomore year because of a burst ovary during social studies.
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting out of her dad's house.
Prized Possessions:
2015 Cherry Red Mazda Miata Sport-RX
Favorite Colors: Ruby Red, Blush Pink, Rose Gold, Silver and Emerald Green
Favorite Foods: Black Forest Cake, Raspberry Cheesecake, Strawberries, Hot Wings
Favorite Scents: Myrrh, Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Clove and Freshly Baked Bread
Favorite Songs: Problem - Natalia Kills, Precious Things - Tori Amos, Gunpowder & Lead - Miranda Lambert
Can't Leave Home Without: Her tablet, her cellphone, her sketchbook.

Looks & Mannerisms

Height: 5'4
Build: Soft and curvy. Morgan is a US size 18 with an exaggerated hourglass shape, high waist and long limbs. She has a rounded belly that's a little bit bigger near the bottom than the top. She has thick thighs and "violin hips".
Face Shape: Somewhere between a circle and a square with the high cheekbones and widow's peak that comes with a heart-shaped face but her rounded cheeks and wide jawline create something closer to a square/circle.
Hair Color/Style: Morgan has a dramatic cascade of fiery copper waves (2b/2c) that ends at about mid-back. The ends have been dip-dyed so her hair is in a gradient from coppery orange to hot pink to purple. Her hair is very thick with a lot of natural volume, especially up top. The front of her hair is a little bit shorter than the rest with side-swept bangs. She rarely wears her hair up, generally preferring to leave it down so that it hidsthe scar on the back of her neck. When she does wear it up, it's usually a lazy pony tail or a messy bun.
Skin Color/Texture: Morgan has pale, almost translucent skin with a faint golden overtone with a strong flush to her cheeks, shoulders and knees -- as well as a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, her shoulders and her chest. Her skin is generally pretty soft to the touch but with some rough spots like her hands.
Distinguishing Features: Morgan has a large, jagged scar on the back of her neck/head/shoulders that stretches from behind her left ear down towards her right shoulder (I have it mislabled as her right ear in the chart). She also has a rather large chest.
Clothing Style: Casual Goth with whimsigoth and romantigoth overtones (with the ocassional hint of burlesque and bondage). Morgan thinks of fashion as a form of self expression rather than conformity and prefers to dress eclectically -- she tends to favor skirts or leggings over pants. Whatever Morgan is wearing, she makes it her own – whether thrifted, vintage or fast fashion. Very artsy and eccentric with a definite edge. Her wardrobe features a mix of florals and gothic elements: lace, leather, velvet, silk and mesh. Prominent colors are black, ruby red, dusty rose/blush pink and silver. She prefers dresses and skirts with stockings or leggings to pants, though she’s really fond of shorts and tights. Lots of low necklines, lots of cleavage and often a peek of a fancy lace or mesh bra. Purely to spite Coco Chanel, Morgan wears an excess of accessories – 2-4 necklaces and her wrists loaded with bracelets. She’s not particularly fond of rings, however. She prefers large, crossbody bags that have enough room for her sketchbooks and magic supplies. When she’s around the house, she usually wears matching pajama sets and robes.

Posture: Mostly confident. Morgan has a rhythmic gait, walking in 3/3 time as if she's secretly dancing to a waltz that only she can hear.
Voice: Morgan has a deep voice -- sensual and husky with an affected "Trans-Atlantic accent" -- which she's taken on to hide her thick Appalachian accent. Her voice falls solidly within the alto-range with a complex and rich tone when she sings.
Morgan tends to fidget quite a bit -- playing with her necklaces or bracelets and nibbling at her fingernails when she's distracted. She also has a habit of playing with her hair: curling it around a finger, tugging at a lock, absently tucking it behind her ear, running her fingers through it and etc., When she's particularly excited she'll sort of bounce or dance in place. When extremely stressed or anxious, she has a bad habit of digging her nails into the scar on the back of her neck, sometimes drawing blood without realizing it.

Skills & Hobbies


Social: Performance, emotional radar, flirting, customer service, social media management, grin and bear it, people pleasing, subconscious manipulation.
Physical: yellow belt in Akido, dancing, modeling, sewing
Talents: singing, modeling, fashion design, drawing, photography
Knowledges: modern witchcraft & occultism, faerie lore, art history, fashion history, Good Southern Manners, photo-editing, Evangelical culture
Hobbies: Video games, gardening, people-watching, partying, makeup, fashion, astrology, mundane magic, collecting art/clothing.
Supernatural: pre-cognition, post-cognition, mediumship (can see/speak to restless dead), rapid healing factor (faerie heritage), some lie detectiong, contracts.
- Post Fae-Awakening: Faerie Magic (summer), Pyrokinesis, Emotional Transferrence, shape-shifting, illusion magic, potentially infinite lifespan, highly enhanced physical resilience, innate connection to nature
-As a Vampire: Emotional influence/transferrence, enhanced stamina, enhanced strength, telepathy/supernatural empathy, highly enhanced senses, sunlight resistance, potentially infinite lifespan


Strengths: Passionate and compassionate, Morgan tries her best not to fall into the patterns of behavior that she was raised with -- she tries to be kind and understanding, and accepting even when she can't fully understand. She's flexible, spontaneous and adaptable, able to quickly fit herself into new surroundings and situations without much effort. When given the chance, Morgan will put herself at risk to help someone else or take suffering onto herself to take it away from the people that she cares about. She has an incredibly strong sense of morals and greatly values life and will do anything in her power to defend it. She's charismatic, dedicated and fiercely loyal to those she trusts. Morgan does everything with her entire being. Her greatest strength is her resilience -- no matter what happens, she knows she can pull through it and come out stronger on the other side. She believes that love and kindness can make almost anything better and that with enough of both, the world can be improved for everything that lives there.
Overly emotional, impulsive and stubborn, Morgan has a bad tendency to take everything personally and has to struggle not to assume the worst of people's motivations, especially if they've hurt her. She can be slow to trust new people but is also overly forgiving of the people she cares about. Impatient and curious to the point of nosiness -- she doesn't know when to stop and can't simply let things lie. When hurt, she has a bad tendency to lash out and can be incredibly spiteful. Overly indulgent and can't say "no" to her preferred vices. Throws herself so heavily into her passion projects that she will notice nothing else but on the flipside, will have periods of time where she cannot focus on anything at all. Morgan's biggest weakness, however, is her deep-seated self-destructive streak -- when she throws herself into danger for others it's just as much because she feels the need to save them as it is her desperate need to destroy herself. She has a bad tendency to cope with negative feelings or life situations by engaging in extreme risk-taking behavior.
To overcome the pain and trauma of her past and create a happy life for herself...Somehow.
Morals & Ideals:
Morgan believes strongly in the value of creating and preserving beauty, love and hope. She believes strongly that through love and kindness, we can make ourselves and the world better. To Morgan, the greatest virtue is to love and spread that love to others, as well as to be a beacon of hope. At her core, she has a strong moral code which centers reducing harm, creating joy/beauty, uplifting the weak/suffering and being kind. In Morgan's eyes, all* sapient beings have the right to live freely and make their own choices. She views (sapient) life as sacred and will do anything she can to ensure that others will survive. *notably, Morgan doesn't extend this to those she sees as "monstrous" -- abusers, rapists, murderers (which she defines as killing without needing to for survival), fascists and other people who harm others for their own pleasure are, in her eyes, monsters and she believes strongly that it is necessary to get rid of those who are "too far gone" to be saved.
Being alone, being abandoned, that she is destined to become a monster no matter how hard she tries, being buried alive, losing her loved ones, losing her mind/sense of self, hospitals, spiders, small spaces, her father.
Guiding Philosophy:
Reduce harm wherever possible and by any means necessary. Don't rush to violence but don't hesitate to enact it when necessary. Spread joy and hope wherever and however you can. Be compassionate, empathetic and kind because it is in loving and being loved that we learn to lvoe ourselves and through loving others, we might teach them to love themselves and become better. Do you best to protect those around you. Love is the thing that brings life to the darkness and makes pain worth bearing, that gives us strength when we are weak and hope when we are forlorn.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, snarky and mischievious. Morgan likes to tease the people she loves -- gently (and sometimes not so gently) poking fun at them and pushing their buttons. She likes puns, wordplay and clever insults. When she's in a dark place, her humor has a tendency to become increasingly dark, sarcastic and self-deprecating. She often makes jokes at inappropriate times or in inappropriate ways in an attempt to the lighten the mood or distract herself from negative emotions. Her faerie heritage shows through in her love for pranks and wordplay.
Morgan is a passionate, creative and friendly person, who is maybe a little bit obsessed with Beauty, Aesthetics and Love. She's a hopeless romantic who dreams of falling in love but is often slow to trust anyone fully, despite being good at making surface level friendships. If asked to describe herself, Morgan would say that being around her is a lot like being trapped on a roller coaster: fun, bright and exciting until you get sick of the ride and then it makes you sick. For the most part, Morgan is pleasant to be around -- even if she's often overly emotional and can be a bit of an airhead. Still, it's easy for others (especially those who dislike her) to see her as being "too much" as as everything she does/feels is taken to the extreme -- her feelings, her passions, her actions are always taken to the extreme, Morgan is incapable of acting on anything other than eleven or zero.

On the negative side, Morgan still shows a lot of signs from her difficult upbringing and the trauma her father inflicted on her. She often assumes people are angry or disappointed in her and struggles to name her needs -- resorting to subtle manipulation to get them met. She can be too hard on herself and far too people pleasing. However, these difficult beginnings have made Morgan particularly adept at reading people.

Overall, Morgan is a person of extremes -- everything is all or nothing: she's empty or exploding with feelings, she's on top of the world or she's drowning in tears. She does nothing by half measures.

History & Relationships

(WARNING: This section will include mentions of Parent/Child sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, religious abuse and miscarriage.)

Birthplace: A small town in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia.
Morgan was born to an aspiring senator/preacher (depending on the AU) and his wife -- it was a long and difficult pregnancy but Morgan was born full-term on October 25th. The earliest days that Morgan can remember of her life are mostly pleasant – spending a lot of time with her mother and her aunt, having her grandmother visit every summer, baking cookies and having her mother’s full attention.

When her father started to focus more fully on his career when Morgan was four, the family moved to a suburb of Charleston, which shook up Morgan’s life considerably and her father – who was already strict and overbearing, finally crossed the line from “toxic” to abusive.
He turned to the Evangelical church to gain power and turned away from his Catholic upbringing which caused friction with his mother – although Margaret-Anne’s family would be ecstatic. Morgan, being a strong-willed, somewhat bossy and curious little girl who was too smart for her own good would find this change to be difficult to deal with and the more she tried to be the image of the perfect Christian daughter, the harder she found it to fit into that mold. Six months after the move, Morgan’s twin sisters were born and she was moved into the position of helping mommy care for her little sisters.

Morgan’s precognition started to manifest in the first grade with nightmares about a horrible car crash that she and her aunt get into while driving back from her aunt’s house in Kentucky… An accident that would result in her aunt’s death. Despite all of Morgan’s attempts to keep this from happening, the event would occur the summer between first and second grade and it would mark her for the rest of her life. This inability to stop the accident, combined with her inability to conform to the mold that those around her wanted to fit, she developed a view of herself as inherently flawed or wrong. After the accident, her mother would start to check out emotionally and the abuse Morgan received from her father would become drastically worse, moving from verbal and physical abuse to CSA.
Over the summer between 5th and 6th grade, puberty hit and it hit hard. Morgan, always a little bit of a chubby kid once she started putting on weight after her first six months suddenly found that she had gone from a chubby mostly flat chested eleven year old to a chubby twelve year old with more curves than she knew how to handle.

The sudden influx in attention from men (unfortunately, including her father) was horrifying for Morgan, who was normally starved for positive attention and felt she was to blame for the sudden increase in abuse and harassment… something the church encouraged.

Unsure of how to cope with the sudden changes, she became withdrawn and as she started to gain unfettered access to the internet, developed a strong interest in the occult. During this time, her visions and strong intuition continued to be a source of problems for her… She would make a few friends online and started dating a popular football player in Freshman year… But things would become dramatically worse her next year in highschool where she’d suffer from an ectopic pregnancy that burst while in class and nearly killed her – which lead to rumors flying and Morgan’s father – concerned for how she might ruin his reputation – sent her to live with her grandmother in California. When she got there, she’d end up starting to recover from the emotional damage she’d suffered and spent the rest of her teenage years mostly happy
Shortly after Morgan had turned 20, her grandmother died, leaving everything to Morgan in her will. This, understandably, nearly shattered Morgan. She spiraled into a deep depression, throwing herself into partying, drinking and drugs to cope.

Family: Robert Kendrick (father, estranged), Mary-Anne Kendrick (mother, estranged), five younger sisters (estranged), Mary Elizabeth Kendrick (grandmother, deceased)
Maggie Rodriguez (part of a local witchcraft group), Mira Roberts (fellow party-girl), Louis DeFantome (local artist & fellow party-boy)
Adam Freemont (blood bond), Gwynn The Wanderer (soul-mate), Lia O'Friel
Camille Belikova/Caria Blackthorn (enemy from her original lifetime), Lucille DeSantos (Camille's wife), Robert Kendrick (estranged father)
Laci Brighton-Lee (co-worker), Patrick O'Loinsigh (boss)

Alternate Universes

World of Darkness:

Strange Dreams Chronicle: 7th Generation Gangrel, Anarch Baron of Arkham, Massachussets -- formerly a psychology student going to Miskatonic University. In a longterm relationship with a Brujah named Andrew. Diablerized a Toreador antitribu who she had previously been "dating", only recently "exorcised" his ghost before the "ending" of the chronicle.
Seattle By Night Chronicle: 9th Generation Tremere, Childe of Seattle's Tremere Primogen, Camarilla. Became a vampire due to the Tremere Primogen's interest in her (and also because he had a beef with a Toreador who was also considering Embracing Morgan). Forced into diablery via dominate + presence by a much older vampire. Married. Bloodbound to a Changeling named Colin.
Cthulhutek Chronicle: 6th Generation True Brujah/Tremere, Childe of the Anarch Baron of Santa Marta, Living Vampire, Changeling. Lead the effort to create a truce between the Santa Marta Camarilla and the Santa Marta Anarchs. Additionally, helped destroy the Sabbat in Santa Marta. Became a Changeling via some Technocracy bullshit.
Chicago Chronicle: 7th Generation Toreador Anarch, Former Sabbat Ghoul.
World of Darkness 2077 Chronicle: Lady of House Fiona, Clurichaun Wilder, Create Beauty Musing.
Vampblr Edition: 9th Generation Toreador Anarch. Born in 1865.
New Orleans Chronicle: Combination Vampire/Changeling due to a contract binding her to two a close friend and her boyfriend. Currently trying to overcome her father's attempts to bring her back to his church though she's not sure if that's because he intends to kill her or find some way to force her into becoming a Hunter in his employ.

Other TTRPGs:

Dresden Files - Steelport: Faerie-blooded baby Wizard. Dating the Knight of the Wild Court.
BTVS TTRPG: vampire cursed to regain her soul, one of the few genuine friends of the Slayer in that universe, trying to redeem herself by helping the Slayer save the World.